A Voyeur’s Delight [Photo]

Would you like to use a toilet where the floor-to-ceiling windows allow people to see you, and you to see them while you’re doing your business? The Boom Boom Room on the 18th floor of the The Standard Hotel allows patrons a view of the skyline while using the toilet. Just don’t be surprised if… Continue reading A Voyeur’s Delight [Photo]

The Skull Leather Purse [Photo]

It might not be the type of purse Carrie Bradshaw would pick, but it would be enough to make people’s tongues wagging. With Halloween coming up, this would just be the perfect fashion accessory for the goth persuasion. The purse reportedly was manufactured to be as big as the actual human skull. The seller Griffin… Continue reading The Skull Leather Purse [Photo]

Scary Cyclops Brain Toy Car [Photo]

Cyclops brain toy cars are a rarity with good reason. These monstrosities can freak out other children and even an occasional adult bystander. These toy automobiles will surely make their mark on the other kids. Scarring their childhood, that is. But despite all this, watch the kid look so excited and happy! Awwww… the photo… Continue reading Scary Cyclops Brain Toy Car [Photo]

Freaky Swimming Pool [Photo]

Oh look, it’s a recreation of a disaster movie. People swim on top of a submerged city. But it’s really an HSBC ad by Ogilvy & Mather Mumbai Ad Agency in India from 2008. The image is to create more buzz about their websites. The bank is also adopting new “environmental initiatives” by educating people… Continue reading Freaky Swimming Pool [Photo]

A Zombie Park In Detroit [Video]

How would you like to revitalize the Detroit neighborhood via zombie theme park? Entrepreneur Mark Siwak uses crowdsourcing site Indiegogo.com to transform abandoned and run down parts of Detroit. Michigan into a live action horror theme park. If you’re curious to be a backer, sponsorships range from a dollar to six thousand good ones. This… Continue reading A Zombie Park In Detroit [Video]

Cheap Chic Wedding Dresses Made of Tissue Paper [Video]

June has always been a time for weddings. But with the recession not quite yet over despite what experts say, the brides have found creative means to keep their gowns beautiful as ever. Instead of satin, tafetta and silk, these pretty brides-to-be have chosen tissue paper as their “fabric” of choice. You can use white… Continue reading Cheap Chic Wedding Dresses Made of Tissue Paper [Video]

Lay Your Butt On A Stormtrooper [Photo]

Does this look perfect in your lawn? As you sip your cool glass of lemonade, you wonder whether all this online obsession over Star Wars is unhealthy. Good thing, all this is just a pipe dream. We won’t find this in the furniture section of Walmart or on Ikea anytime soon. This is the one… Continue reading Lay Your Butt On A Stormtrooper [Photo]

World’s Biggest Paper Airplane [Video]

The world’s biggest paper airplane was launched in the Arizona desert just south of Tucson, earlier this week. The plane is 45 feet long and was built by the Pima Air & Space Museum. It was lifted into the air by helicopter and released. As far as we can tell, it isn’t actually made of… Continue reading World’s Biggest Paper Airplane [Video]

Transformers Engagement Ring [Photos]

Just when we think we’ve seen the dorkiest wedding-related gesture, we see something even dorkier. This is a custom-made (surprising, that these aren’t in mass production) Transformers engagement ring. For those not in the know, that’s the Decepticon logo holding the diamond. The Decepticons are the arch enemies of the Autobots, who protect the earth and… Continue reading Transformers Engagement Ring [Photos]