Wearing a Meat Suit..the latest fashion?

This is Zhang Huan and hes wearing the latest fashion…a muscle suit made of meat. Zhang is a one of the most influential icons of contemporary Chinese art. His previous peices of art include making a giant Buddha statue from the ash of joss sticks (prayer sticks) and, in 1994, covered himself with honey and… Continue reading Wearing a Meat Suit..the latest fashion?

Whole Human for just £18,350

This is a piece of work from artist Alex Woolley. A whole human for just £18,350? I wonder if he took the “Humanforsale.com” survey to get his value?  The color looks a bit off tho. A response to the similarities between many office working conditions and battery farmed hens. link (via)

The Complete Beatles at 8x Speed.

Artist Steve McLaughlin has compiled all The Beatles UK LP releases and compressed them at 800% into a one-hour MP3. Very trippy! Here’s the album list (all the UK LPs): Please Please MeWith the BeatlesA Hard Day’s NightBeatles for SaleHelp!Rubber SoulRevolverSgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club BandThe Beatles (White Album)Yellow SubmarineAbbey RoadLet It Be You’ll notice… Continue reading The Complete Beatles at 8x Speed.

“Age-Map” photography shows effects of ageing.

This is the work of Bobby Neel Adams. He takes two photographs of the same person, from different periods of time (adult and child) and splices them together. No photoshop is used surprisingly. He manually rips the photos and retakes the photo. He gets some great results… He does a similar thing with family members… Continue reading “Age-Map” photography shows effects of ageing.