Bedtime Reading Quilt

This great idea was thought up by artist Tiago da Fonseca. The quilt is made up from many layers each imprinted with a traditional bedtime story. Once upon a time there was a blanket. This blanket had several sheets containing a traditional bedtime story. Each “page” adds a layer of linen making you warmer (or… Continue reading Bedtime Reading Quilt

Mike Rea – Master Carpenter.

Mike Rea is a sculptor who specializes in wooden art. This awesome looking wooden robot is called “A Prosthetic Suit For Stephen Hawking w/ Japanese Steel”. Would you just love to see Mr Hawking walking the streets in that! About:Blank would shut up shop after that. It would be pointless carrying on. Unbeatable. An interview… Continue reading Mike Rea – Master Carpenter.

“Soccer is a game of 2 ‘arfs guv”

“a soccer pitch marks a site held in common, but one divided into two halves by a middle line.”Theoretically, a goal could be scored from one shore to the other, but who could run such a brilliantly-played through pass? This is the work of German public art space group inges idee. Its called Undeveloped Playground… Continue reading “Soccer is a game of 2 ‘arfs guv”

Human Ford Car.

Some exceptional dancers and contortionists feature in the latest advert for Ford Canada as they bend and stretch to recreate the shape of their car…very clever! I feel sorry for the guy inside who has the responsibility of recreating the gear stick. via

Freeze your knockers off this winter…be a penguin!

Environmental Agency PSA in the UK are encouraging Brits to do the green thing and turn down the heating this winter and use your body heat for warmth. Much like the penguin. To accompany this campaign, they have produce this great little funny promo featuring a great Attenborough-esqe voice over and a lot of naked… Continue reading Freeze your knockers off this winter…be a penguin!

Sleevefacing goes mainstream with ripped-off ad campaign.

Sleevefacing, the craze that originated in a bar here in Cardiff would you believe, has gone mainstream with a series of ads, taking “inspiration” shall we say, from their orginal concept… The ads were “created” by an agency in madrid called Kitchen for “fnac”, the french retail store, who are still selling vinyl records. via