Sex after Death

These macabre and rather funny images are part of an advertising campaign for a make of condom called Tulipan by Guillermo Vega. They have the extremely creative tagline of “Be Careful!”. But who am I to comment, they won awards for that tagline in Argentina!

Bushism-Saddamism Embroidery.

These pieces of unique embroidery art is by about:blank favourite Xiang Yang This piece, titled “Bushism-Saddamism”, explores the relationship between our favorite comic book characters. Bush on one side of the room connected to Saddam on the other side. And this one is particularly relevant for this evenings final of The Apprentice here in the… Continue reading Bushism-Saddamism Embroidery.

The Super Flexible Chair. FlexibleLove

The FlexibleLove furniture piece (Great name eh!), by Chishen Chiu, incorporates an ‘accordion-like, honeycomb’ structure that enables the owner to push and pull it around to make the chair, sofa, lounger that they like and then push it back when they have finished or bored of its current shape… At first glance, the movie looks… Continue reading The Super Flexible Chair. FlexibleLove

Disturbing Meat Puppets

This highly disturbing flickr photoset, entitled “Poupees Viandes” (Meat Puppets) is by young French artist Ludovic Levasseur. They were exhibited recently in Paris at the Un Regard Moderne. Yuck…although if you throw them on the bbq for half an hour, im sure it wouldnt look far worse than a kebab on a typical night out!… Continue reading Disturbing Meat Puppets

Polystyrene Chicken Art at the Beach….eh?

Hey look, theres a big uncooked chicken on the beach! Nicolas Lampert and Micaela O’Herlihy created a ten-foot rotisserie chicken out of polystyrene foam, hard coated, and then painted with latex paint and final coat of high gloss varnish. In October, 2006 “Attention Chicken!” made a number of unannounced public interventions throughout Milwaukee at Bradford… Continue reading Polystyrene Chicken Art at the Beach….eh?