Origami Chuck Norris (with obligitary origami related Chuck Fact)

Who said Origami Paper Craft was for girls?!?! Not when you can create something as manly and butch as a Chuck Norris! Click on the pic for a larger chuck experience. DeviantArt user billybob884 has been beavering away for weeks with his paper to create this great paper model of the man himself. He has… Continue reading Origami Chuck Norris (with obligitary origami related Chuck Fact)

Inside Insects

Nick Veasey loves a good x-ray. in fact, he makes a living from x-ray’ing anything he can lay his hands on. His work with insects are my favorite… Invertebrates become spineless wonders as they are given the x-ray treatment. X-ray was invented to look at bones, but creatures with no bones take on another dimension.… Continue reading Inside Insects

The Water Vortex Sculpture

This awesome looking water scultpure is actually mostly made from solid material. The center is made from acrylic with water cascading down the sides giving the illusion of being a free standing block of water. Take a look at the video to see it in all its full motion glory. Its currently located outside Seaham… Continue reading The Water Vortex Sculpture