Bum advertising for butt cream.

I like advertising campaigns that arent afraid to go that little bit further…like this one that looks like some arse cheeks popping out from inbetween your magazine pages! In this case, the ad cleverly uses the staple in the middle of the magazine to illustrate that just a small irritation down there can be a… Continue reading Bum advertising for butt cream.

Apple coverflow goes real!

We all love Apple’s coverflow interface. Well now you can have your very own coverflow right there on your shelf filled with your real cd albums. Designer Li Jianye has brought coverflow into the physical world and called it “iShelf”. (clever).via

The Decorated Jockstrap

“Designer Colin Corbett brings a unique artistic vision to the unexpected in his series of cultural and humorous jockstraps. Taking themes from Ancient Greece, word play and world religion, Corbett’s work focuses on the taboo attraction of the male member in ways both surprising and provocative.” This is my favourite… “Corbett’s work makes strong statements… Continue reading The Decorated Jockstrap

The 30m tall crossword puzzle!

The Ukrainian city of Ivov has recently become home to the worlds biggest crossword! The puzzle covers the entire side of a block of flats. The questions are located at different locations around the city such as fountains, theatres etc. Tourists can travel around the city picking up the clues and finish up here to… Continue reading The 30m tall crossword puzzle!

The Burger Lounger

Ive you have ever jumped in bed and wished that you were a soggy tomato inbetween a beef pate and a bread bun then this piece of furniture might be the one for you! The Burger Lounger…with cheese, luttuce courgette and tomato. With a sprinkling of seasame seeds. Respect students!

French candles that tell you to go f*ck yourself. Thanks!

A group of french artists called L’atelier WM have released a line of colorful candles molded from popular hand gestures. The most popular of course… the obligatory “Fuck You!” candle. There’s one for the geek squad… and one for the metal lovers… A perfect centerpiece for that romantic meal. They will be available soon at… Continue reading French candles that tell you to go f*ck yourself. Thanks!

Tongue Splitting in Bangkok

BMEzine is a constant source of intriguing and interesting images regarding body art and body mutilation and modification. These pics were taken from a procedure called tongue splitting where the tongue is literally cut down the middle. Several months ago i posted some images on Scarification. It has since become one of the hottest posts… Continue reading Tongue Splitting in Bangkok