New shrink wrapped style car has ZERO emissions

Yes, it looks look an shrink wrapped F1 car doesnt it. Students of DeLaSalle School in Kansas City, Mo., have developed an electric car which has been successfully tested on Bridgestone’s Texas Proving Grounds. It’s a plug-in electric car, built on the chassis of 2000 Lola Indy. During test on Bridgestone’s Texas Proving Grounds it… Continue reading New shrink wrapped style car has ZERO emissions

The Office Strikes Back

The Office…A poster in the infamous style of Star Wars. Check out Dwight looking all evil. I would have put Creed in that position myself. He has a very shaded past. Created by DeviantArt artist “JRSly” in Corel Painter! A talented guy! Started off as a more direct Empire Strikes Back spoof, with a Star… Continue reading The Office Strikes Back

Historical Juxtaposition Photography

Photographer Sergey Larenkov takes photos from the same position as old historical wartime photos and them fades across them bringing out figures from past in a modern setting. The results are very eerie indeed. A lot more of these are available at the photographers website.via

Screenprinting with Blood!

The Swedish metal band Watain hired designer Metastazis in collaboration with Zbigniew M. Bielak to design a new poster for them…. Step 1. Cut yourself Step 2. Get the pantone guide out… Step 3. Go forth and print… Step 4. All done! More pics (if you want them) can be found here.via

Cartoon Perspective Sculptures

These great perspective sculptures are the work of artist James Hopkins ‘perspective sculptures’ are a series of installations that use optical illusions to play with the viewer’s perceptions. as hopkins is interested in changing the norms of how audience see objects, he explores this concept by introducing a series of distorted musical instruments and optically… Continue reading Cartoon Perspective Sculptures

Work of art or sex doll?

They look freakishly realistic and are the result of days/months of careful painstaking attention and workmanship. But are they art or are they simply another sex toy with a large price tag?