Star Wars recreated in Origami…

People in the know will no doubt by preparing a “Errr…excuse me but its not trickly origami” comment. “Star Wars in Kirigami” isnt a catchy title though is it!? The image below shows the incredible scale of the models. They are shown next to some Paris subway tickets and a scalpel… These miniature masterpieces were… Continue reading Star Wars recreated in Origami…

Its a Small World Short Film

Another gem from the Vimeo archive. A great short film called Its a Small World by Axel Roessler. The film takes the viewer on a journey through some old photos that the artist found at a fleamarket in LA. Hypnotic and rather disturbing. via

You’ve left a little something just there…up a bit.

Such messy eaters… Just to explain… “The Dutch photographer Marcel van der Vlugt has created a picture series called “I like…”, which portrays women while they are being dowsed in or thrown at with their favourite food. This composition creates a unique image and in part quite bizarre pictures, which keep their aesthetics thanks to a simple… Continue reading You’ve left a little something just there…up a bit.

Suckable Guns!

It looks like a mass suicide but these guns are nothing but pistol shaped ice lollies!   Visit their site for more info These guns come are coke, blackcurrant, licorice and cherry flavour. Tasty!