USB Bricks in NYC

If you happened to come across a lonely USB head poking out of a nondescript building on your way to work…what would you do? “Dead Drops” is a project by Berlin based artist and architect Aram Bartholl. He us pushing it as a public, anonymous, offline, peer to peer sharing network. Everyone is invited to… Continue reading USB Bricks in NYC

A load of a*s!!!

Dont let first impressions fool you… What a great ad campaign! Its certainly going to catch the eye. Well done A*ams Out*oor A*vertising! via

Europe According To…

In a project called Mapping Stereotypes the illustrator, Yanko Tsvetkov, comments on how different countries around the world hold (sometimes hilarious) stereotypical views of the countries around it… According to the USA… According To France… According to Germany and According to Britain… (Semi-United Kingdom!) And gay men see things differently too apparently… Take a look… Continue reading Europe According To…

Google Maps Invasion

“Google World” is a set of hand drawn illustrations from Spanish illustrator Alejo Malia that show a world that Google Map elements are completely real and hang above our heads… Its far from an original idea but i absolutely love the hand drawn style of this set… via

Soccer Stadium made from Recycled Produce Crates

This great sculpture (?) made by Netherlands based artist Helmut Smits is made from recycled wooden crates, fresh fruit and a small piece of green carpet for the pitch. Cant help but think he could have taken it further and placed 22 nuts on the pitch! via

The VCR Coffee Table

We’ve all got a collection of old VCR tapes hidden away somewhere (that sounded a little dodgy, it wasnt supposed to), well Luisa Montealegre used 92 of them to build this extraordinary coffee table! Genius! Read more about project Blanquita here via