Honest Slogan for Bic

We’ve shown you some of these honest brand slogans before. They’re done by Clif Dickens. That’s right. One F, yo! This one for Bic, which just popped up last week, made me chuckle heartily though. So I thought, time to share! Although we don’t have any Bic pens lying around, we have a bunch of… Continue reading Honest Slogan for Bic

Step Into the Void

It’s a glass case that hangs 3,300 feet in the mountains on the top of the Aiguille du Midi mountain peak above Chamonix called Step Into the Void. Billed as the tallest attraction in Europe, the installation was created by French architect Pierre-Yves Chays. It took three years to finish. Visitors wear slippers so they don’t damage the glass.… Continue reading Step Into the Void

This Grill will Do the Cooking For You

Lynx Grills just announced their Lynx Concept Grill or Lynx Smart Grill and by the sound of it, you pretty much need to do nothing except prepare the food for grilling. It’s voice activated, automatically cooks food to command and sends online notifications. It sounds literally foolproof. The grilling process begins with a couple of simple… Continue reading This Grill will Do the Cooking For You

Here’s a Full-Sized Working Car Made of LEGOs

Steve Sammartino and Raul Oaida, two dudes that live in Melbourne, have built a full-sized working car out of LEGOs. The car actually runs on air and took 500,000 LEGO pieces to build. As you might expect, it doesn’t move very fast and those seats look damn uncomfortable. The project was financed by people on… Continue reading Here’s a Full-Sized Working Car Made of LEGOs