Google Sense of Humor

I was not telling you to Google “sense of humor.” I was saying, this is their sense of humor at Google. This guy had a friend who worked at Google. He left to join rival Bing. This is the cake they gave him on his way out the door. See what they did there? Congratulations,… Continue reading Google Sense of Humor

Ram Attacking Dirt Bike

This was shot in New Zealand. Marty Todd is riding his dirt bike off in the wilderness and meets a ram that doesn’t think much of that. Also, the ram mysteriously has a camera attached to it. So this is obviously somewhat staged. Did they feed the ram a bunch of cocaine to get it… Continue reading Ram Attacking Dirt Bike

Villians vs. Villains

Wall. Floor. Floor. Wall. According to this guy, this bit of brilliance was done at a high school in North Carolina. You’ve got to wonder why a school would choose “villains” as their team mascot, but if you’re going to do it, at least spell it right. Maybe they should have went with “career criminals”… Continue reading Villians vs. Villains

Real Life Street Fighter, Featuring Really Drunk Guys

Here are some really drunk guys. One of them is so drunk he’s falling over while trying to walk. He is not deterred, however. Someone has wronged him and he will have his vengeance! Naturally, someone had to take this footage and add Street Fighter sound effects. That totally completes the awesomeness. (these guys)

Bros Execute Brotastic Pool Dunk

Bro, you’re gonna love this. Bro. It’s a bunch of bros getting together to execute a brotastic pool dunk that involves a bunch of alley-oops and one bro jumping through a fiery ring. They call themselves the jambroz because… of course they do. They’re bros! Bro. (these guys)

Just a Selfie with Paul McCartney and Warren Buffett

So this kid is strolling down the street in Omaha, Nebraska when he comes across two guys sitting on a bench. Those two guys happen to be billionaire investor Warren Buffett and Paul McCartney. Obviously time for a selfie, which those two guys are totally aware of. What the hell were these two guys doing… Continue reading Just a Selfie with Paul McCartney and Warren Buffett

Spiderman is in Trouble

Spiderman got some ‘splainin’ to do! This was taken at the Echo Park Lotus Festival over the weekend. The festival celebrates the Lotus flowers that bloom on the lake in Los Angeles’ Echo Park neighborhood. Naturally, some dude showed up dressed as Spiderman because… well, we’re not really sure why. He was not welcome. Apparently,… Continue reading Spiderman is in Trouble