Something for the Kids!

This video is certainly not something for the kids. It’s filled with all kinds of colorful language. What is being made is something for the kids, though. At least that’s what the cook tells us… because she doesn’t have a name for what she’s making. She does have plenty of F bombs and motherf*ckers, however.… Continue reading Something for the Kids!

Exploding Beer

This beer exploding incident occurred at Wednesday’s San Francisco Giants game with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Amazingly, the woman appears to see the ball coming directly at her and her beer and does absolutely nothing to move herself or her beer or catch the ball. It’s kind of like… duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh… oh my god! Beer explosion! At… Continue reading Exploding Beer

UCLA Flooding Due to “Massive Dump”

A water main broke in Los Angeles on Tuesday and the UCLA campus was flooded. The brilliant anchors at ABC 7 were covering the UCLA flooding story when they got a call from “DWP spokesperson Louis Slungpue.” Slung-poo. It started off somewhat normally, then “Louis” started getting into his theory about a cherry bomb being… Continue reading UCLA Flooding Due to “Massive Dump”

New Twist on Coexist

You’ve seen those Coexist bumper stickers. The ones that say, oh, I am an enlightened human being that appreciates all religions, colors, sexual orientations, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, we’re all real impressed. Of course those also say, I am the kind of person who puts bumper stickers on my car. That car is probably a… Continue reading New Twist on Coexist

Darth Vader Car

Hot Wheels has gone and designed a Darth Vader car. Why? Because Comic-Con is going on right now and dorks love shit like this. People who go to Comic-Con would totally drive around in a Darth Vader car. You know, because it’s practical! The car is not just a show piece. It is indeed drivable.… Continue reading Darth Vader Car

Mayflies Invaded Wisconsin

I am from Wisconsin, but I’ve never seen anything like this. Probably because I grew up on the other side of Wisconsin. The side without the Mississippi River. It’s Mayflies. A whole hell of a lot of them. So many, that their invasion registered on weather radar earlier this week in La Crosse. Apparently, this… Continue reading Mayflies Invaded Wisconsin