Save Those Pizzas, Fatty!

I know it’s not nice to make fun of fat people, but sometimes they do things that both make you laugh and say, “no wonder you’re fat.” Like this instance, for example. Some news segment quickly devolves into some kids throwing water at each other over a dinner table. Well, that large girl in the… Continue reading Save Those Pizzas, Fatty!

March of the Ducks

Those kooky Russians! When they’re not selling arms to Ukrainian rebels, they’re making wonderful videos to make us laugh! Like this one right here. Here you’ve got Farmer John, sans shirt, commanding his army of ducks. Actually, they’re probably not much of an army, but they do kind of swarm together to form a mass… Continue reading March of the Ducks

Jet Ski Carnage

There’s obviously a whole bunch of stupidity going on here. The real question is why? You’ve got a jet ski sitting on the shore, when all of the sudden another jet ski comes flying out of nowhere, hits and jumps the first jet ski. Bodies go flying. That’s all tremendous. What I don’t understand is… Continue reading Jet Ski Carnage

Fawn Objects to That

I don’t know too much about how deer act, other than they run away when they sense danger. And that’s exactly why we don’t know much about how they act. Because they run when they see humans. Unless they don’t know any better. Some workers found this fawn and picked it up to move it… Continue reading Fawn Objects to That