Most Frightening Selfie Ever

Meet photographer Daniel Lau. That’s him on top of The Centre, the fifth-tallest building in Hong Kong. You know, just chillin’. He’s joined by photographers Andrew Tso and A.S. They’re sitting 346 meters up in the air, which is about 1,135 feet.  (these guys)

Sandwich Thief

Ah, the office break room. Is there a more wretched hive of scum and villainy? (here)

Jeremy Lin’s Mom Does Not Like Cake to the Face

Los Angeles Lakers point guard Jeremy Lin likes to clown his mom. It was her birthday on Wednesday, so he gave her a cake. Right to the face. She was not happy, exploding with a series of slaps. Previously, Lin could be found dunking all over his mom.

Look at These Idiots

Sometimes, there’s just nothing to say. Here, we’ve got some large people trying to jam a sofa into the back of a compact car. Perhaps all of the cholesterol coursing through their lard-like bodies has prevented their brains from functioning properly. If I had to guess, I would assume that they thought they could wedge… Continue reading Look at These Idiots

Guy Takes Mug Shot Wearing Shirt with Photo of Last Mug Shot

This awesome individual is Robert Burt. That’s right. Bob Burt. Awesome name. Awesomer mustache. Awesomest mug shot. Burt, who is 19 and from Pittsfield, Maine, wore a shirt with a photo of his mug shot on it to have this second mug shot taken. What are the chances, you’re probably wondering? Well, Burt isn’t some career… Continue reading Guy Takes Mug Shot Wearing Shirt with Photo of Last Mug Shot

Here’s Reporter Mike Zambelli Punching a Guy

Yeah, you read that right. We absolutely love it when people lose their shit. Service Electric TV2 sports director Mike Zambelli definitely lost his shit right here.  While doing a report from Musikfest in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Zambelli finds his broadcast being videobombed by Cowboy Batman. Zambelli reacts the only way he knows how — he punches Cowboy Batman, chasing him from… Continue reading Here’s Reporter Mike Zambelli Punching a Guy