The Marks and Spencer Voucher Scam – A plee on behalf of Andy Curran.

Poor poor Andy Curran! I recieved a mail this morning from a relative who thought i might be interested in this offer to recieve £100 of M&S vouchers if I forward the mail to 8 people but it must be CC’ed to Andy Curran at Persimmon Homes ([email protected]) I still find it hard to believe… Continue reading The Marks and Spencer Voucher Scam – A plee on behalf of Andy Curran.

The Dip Effect

On my long bus trip into the centre of Cardiff yesterday, i finished listening to an audiobook by Seth Godin called : “the dip”. Its currently in the New York Times bestseller top 5 so i thought it may be worth the listen. Its hard to describe the book without giving the wrong impression. Its… Continue reading The Dip Effect

Awesome Ozum

Well, i know its been a while since my post promising to get this blog back up and running. It never happened. After the dissapointment of not being able to locate my backup of all my previous posts, the prospect of starting again was too much to bear. But…. a chance meeting yesterday may of… Continue reading Awesome Ozum

We’re back!

Oh yes! After a break of nearly 5 months helping to look after my baby daughter with no time to pick my own nose let alone keep updating a blog, About:Blank is back. I may not be able to update it at the rate i used to(a lot of work and a lot of nappies… Continue reading We’re back!