Hilarious Test Answers From Kids

I don’t really think these even need an introduction. They’re test answers from kids. They’re wrong, but they’re hilarious. Actually, you could argue that a couple of them are actually correct… I’ll let you decide which. (Via)  

Massive Bowling Fail

This dude seriously needs to work on his bowling swing. I mean, seriously. Note how the ball drops out of the ceiling. That’s right, I said out of the ceiling.

Here’s the World’s Tallest Man Getting Married

This is Sultan Kosen. He’s the world’s tallest living man (and also has the largest hands and feet). He’s 8 feet 3 inches tall, so of course he married a woman who’s 5’8″. That’s actually fairly tall for a woman where I come from, but then again, I’m not eight feet tall. This all seemed like… Continue reading Here’s the World’s Tallest Man Getting Married