News Anchor Says Let’s Get the F Out of Here on Air

This is great. KSNW Wichita new anchor Justin Kraemer closes out his nightly newscast on Saturday like normal. Except for the fact that his mic is still on when the credits start to roll and he says, “Let’s get the f*ck out of here.” That’s probably going to be a fine.

Bird Goes Sledding

Birds. Maybe smarter than we thought. Here’s a bird using a jar lid to go sledding down a roof… repeatedly. (Via)

Sign Language Interpreter Reveals What Imposter at Mandela Memorial was Actually Signing

Nelson Mandela’s memorial service was earlier this week and it turns out people who watched it figured out the sign language interpreter was an imposter. What he was signing didn’t make any sense. So, Jimmy Kimmel brought on his sign language interpreter to figure out what the guy was actually signing. Gibberish, it turns out.