Awesome Cat Gifs

I’ll be honest. I’m a dog person. However, funny gifs are awesome. Even cat gifs. Here are some of the best. (Via)

Video Game Proposal

Along with some friends, Robert Fink created a video game to propose to his girlfriend. It’s not a very impressive looking game, but it’s definitely cool. As she plays through it and reaches the end she sees the proposal and has to choose yes or no. Awesome. You can read more about it here.

Christmas Prank

It’s a Christmas prank, but probably not the kind you think. These pranksters are actually giving presents to the less fortunate. Kind of makes you feel bad for doing nothing but getting fatter on Christmas.

Dog is Frightened of Its Own Farts

This is pretty self explanatory. This dog is literally frightened of its own farts and it’s hilarious. On a side note, is there anything that smells worse than a dog fart?

Chuck Norris One Ups Jean-Claude Van Damme

Remember that Audi truck commercial where Jean Claude Van Dam did the splits between two moving trucks? If not, watch it here. Now, the ultimate badass, Chuck Norris, has one upped him. Sort of. Here’s how Chuck Norris says Merry Christmas.

Garbage Truck FAIL!

I’m guessing this garbage can got clogged with snow, but I shudder to think what’s coming back out of it. Dirty diapers, maybe?

Break’s Best Girl Fails of 2013

It’s almost the end of the year. That means it’s time for compilations and highlight shows. Well, everyone likes a good FAIL! Break was kind enough to compile The Ultimate Girls Fail Compilation of 2013. Enjoy the stupidity!