Captain America vs. Master Chief

This really happened. Right here in this video, anyway. Machinima made this video of everyone’s least-favorite Avenger, Captain America, fighting HALO’s Master Chief. How a dude who runs around with pretty much nothing but a stupid shield would have a chance against a guy in full armor with a rapid-fire machine gun is beyond us,… Continue reading Captain America vs. Master Chief

Idiot’s Guide to Smart People: Politics

Above Average is producing a video series called The Idiot’s Guide to Smart People that features the various things that smart people, or people who think they’re smart, make intolerable. Episode one: politics, AKA yelling about the government. The great thing about this is makes equal fun of “smart people” and idiots. But the latter… Continue reading Idiot’s Guide to Smart People: Politics

There’s A Lot of Crack at Magic: The Gathering Tournaments

We’re not talking about the kind you smoke, either. Magic: The Gathering, it’s a game for dorks. Really, really big dorks. We’re talking dudes who are 30 and still live with their parents and have zero chance of ever getting laid. It’s a popular game, though. That is not to be denied. There are even… Continue reading There’s A Lot of Crack at Magic: The Gathering Tournaments

President Barack Obama on Between Two Ferns

If you’ve never seen Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis, you’re missing out. Galifianakis interviews guests as, well… his comedic self. For some reason, President Barack Obama agreed to come on the show, which is set up like a low-budget talk show and literally takes place between two ferns. In this particular episode, Obama gives as… Continue reading President Barack Obama on Between Two Ferns

Ice Climbing Fall

Holy crap! So here we’ve got a guy doing some ice climbing. It’s probably your usual, everyday sort of thing if you’re an ice climber. That is until he takes one major tumble. Oh, we forgot to mention he’s wearing a camera, so you get to watch him fall all the way down this damn… Continue reading Ice Climbing Fall

Parkour FAIL!

Let’s just be honest. Parkour is stupid. It’s just people running and jumping on shit. Yeah, sometimes it looks cool in the movies, but that’s the movies. People who do it in real life look like dumbasses. That’s probably because they are dumbasses. Who says, “Hey, let’s go run and jump on some shit this… Continue reading Parkour FAIL!