Soccer Ball to the Face in Slow Motion

You’ll be wanting to watch this over and over again. Because it’s like a train wreck! It’s a kid taking a soccer ball to the face in slow motion. His hands are going up. Will he block it this time? Nope! (these guys)

Fat Dog

Insanely fat dog. What’s even better than fat dog here are some of the comments people are making about fat dog over at Deadspin, where this was first posted. This one in particular is the winner. that fat dog is also a stupid dog. it could conserve precious calories by relaxing its forelimps and sliding… Continue reading Fat Dog

Local Meteorologists Draw Penises

Because that’s the weather pattern, you see? The weather pattern looks like a penis! Here, let me draw it for you! Jimmy Kimmel presented this awesome supercut of local meteorologists drawing dongs on their fancy maps, probably unwittingly. Although, why wouldn’t you want to slip in the occasional penis every once in a while if… Continue reading Local Meteorologists Draw Penises

Stop Dressing Up as Creepy Clowns, People

This clown, known as the Wasco Clown, had been mysteriously appearing in Kern County, California recently. Random photos of him being creepy as hell would appear on social media with no explanation. That turned out to be art project, which was predictable. Of course, once this creepy bastard got some notoriety, other clowns started popping… Continue reading Stop Dressing Up as Creepy Clowns, People

Worst Selfie Attempt Ever

This just goes on way too long. This chick just can’t get the right angle or whatever to make herself look good. Then she’s all bending over trying to take a low-angle shot, for what reason I’m not quite sure. The kicker is this. She’s obviously at this pool with someone. Why didn’t she just ask… Continue reading Worst Selfie Attempt Ever

Yup, Anything Can Be a Sexy Halloween Costume

I have really come to dislike Halloween, which is probably because I live in Los Angeles. First of all, it’s amateur hour. Much like New Years Eve, people who don’t drink all year long will come out to drink on Halloween. They will inevitably drink way too much and make asses of themselves, but that’s… Continue reading Yup, Anything Can Be a Sexy Halloween Costume

Dog Death Stare

Dog is just chillin’, riding in the car, getting his groove on, minding his business. The he gets slapped and… DEATH STARE! Do not touch dog. Duly noted.