Punk Rockers React to Magic!

Punk rock and magic go together like peanut butter and jelly, don’t they? No, not really, but that didn’t stop magician Christopher James from hitting up some of the musicians playing the Warped Tour with some of his parlor tricks. And they are freaked out and amazed, especially the drunk ones. We’re not really sure… Continue reading Punk Rockers React to Magic!

If Britain Had Won

Newcastle has released this campaign with actor/comedian Stephen Merchant talking about how awesome it would be if Britain had won the Revolutionary War. It’s funny because there’s nothing awesome about what America would be like if that had happened and they obviously get that. There’s a whole website dedicated to this “If We Won” campaign and… Continue reading If Britain Had Won

Bro Loses Control of Motorcycle, It Flies Into Pool

Douchebags. They’re all around us. Sometimes they’re easy to spot. Sometimes they’re not. This particular party has so much douchebag at it, someone should have done us all a public service and dropped a bomb on it. So what happens at douchebag parties, you might be wondering. Well, things like this. A shirtless bro with… Continue reading Bro Loses Control of Motorcycle, It Flies Into Pool