Robin Eley’s Paintings Look Like Photographs

These are not photographs. Seriously. Their paintings by artist Robin Eley. Oil on Belgian linen to be exact. They’re part of an exhibit called Idolatry. Eley was born in London and currently resides and works in Adelaide, South Australia. You can see more from the exhibit here. Amazing stuff. (Via)

Hyungkoo Lee’s Skeletons of Cartoon Characters

Korean-based sculptor Hyungkoo Lee‘s Animatus collection is awesome. It features intricately sculpted skeletons of classic cartoon characters, among other things. Here are the ones we can identify. Goofy — “Ridicularis” Huey, Dewey and Louie — “Anas Animatus H, Anas Animatus D, and Anas Animatus L” Tweety Bird and Slyvester — “Leiothrix Lutea Animatus & Felis Animatus” Tom… Continue reading Hyungkoo Lee’s Skeletons of Cartoon Characters