Disney Princesses Go to College

College Humor has dared to imagine what it would be like if Disney princesses were in college. The illustrations were done by Paul Westover. You can see more here.

Giant Rubber Duck Bursts

There was a giant rubber duck, created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, on display in Taiwan‘s Keelung Port. Then it burst on Tuesday because… well, no one knows. This is the second time the duck has blown up. (Via)

Jessica Rabbit in Other Movies

Jessica Rabbit is our favorite cartoon character. She also appears to be somewhat of an obsession of artist FitzOblong. He’s taken Roger Rabbit’s muse and put her in other movies like Alice in Wonderland, Star Wars and TRON. She’s still looking good. (Via)

2013 in One Illustration

  Here’s a bunch of key events in 2013 mashed up into one illustration. It was done by Mario Zucca. You can read more about the process and some of his favorite scenes on his website. Lots of references to technology and TV shows. See what you can pick out.

Batman Art Found in Abandoned Building

This building doesn’t look like much from the outside, but it’s hiding some pretty cool stuff on the inside. Namely, some awesome Batman graffiti that was discovered by someone doing some urban exploring. (Via)

Double and Triple Exposure Forest People

I don’t really know what I can say about these except they’re apparently double and triple exposure photos. Why don’t I know? Well, because I found them on a site that’s written in some foreign language. In any case, here they are and you can go here to see more.  

Disney Princesses as Star Wars Characters

Illustrator Ralph Sevelius, who actually works for Disney, has been mashing up Disney princesses with Star Wars characters. “The idea came when Disney had bought the Star Wars property and a friend made a tongue in cheek joke saying, ‘I guess princess Leia is a new Disney princess,’ Sevelius told LAist. The illustrator, who primarily works for Disney,… Continue reading Disney Princesses as Star Wars Characters

Disintegrating Cars by Fabian Oefner

These are from artist Fabian Oefner‘s series called Disintegrating. They’re actually photographs of model cars. Each piece is placed where it needs to be and then photographed. Then all of those photos are assembled into one. You can take a look at the process in this video.

Intricately Carved Log

When I saw this first photo, I was like, oh, someone is displaying a log for some reason. But look closer. This thing is carved into all kinds of crazy stuff. There’s a village, people, a ship. Unfortunately, I don’t have any backstory on this, but I’m sure it took a hell of a long… Continue reading Intricately Carved Log

Auto Aerobics

It’s called Auto Aerobics and these pieces were created by UK-based illustrator Chris Labrooy. They’re 3D graphics and they’re awesome. Labrooy also has a number of other cool pieces like these. You can check out his portfolio here. (Via)