Takanori Aiba’s Bonsai Treehouses [Photos]

Japanese artist Takanori Aiba has created a series of sculptures, most of which incorporate a bonsai tree, but all of which are magnificent. They’re made with stone clay, epoxy putty, copper line, plastic, and resin, among other things. More from My Modern Met. It should come as no surprise that Aiba has a background as a… Continue reading Takanori Aiba’s Bonsai Treehouses [Photos]

Childhood Icons Down And Out [Photos]

Whatever happened to your childhood icons? It looks like most of them have fallen on hard times. Here’s a look at what Mickey, Pooh, Spidey and some of your other childhood favorites are doing today. These come to us from French artist Benjamin Bechet. You can see more of his work by visiting his website.

RedBall Project [Photos]

This is Kurt Perschke’s RedBall Project. The traveling public art project has appeared in cities such as Barcelona, St. Louis, Portland, Sydney, Arizona, Chicago and Toronto. We dig it. You can read more about Kurt on his website. (Via Juxtapoz)

Drinking Water Running Through The Streets Of Madrid [Photos]

The following is an installation by artistic group luzinterruptus, which uses light in their projects and urban areas at night as their canvas. This particular exhibition took place in the streets of Madrid in January and lasted approximately six hours. Here’s the story. In Madrid, in less than 30 years, more than 50% of the public… Continue reading Drinking Water Running Through The Streets Of Madrid [Photos]

The Nefarious World Of Disney [Photos]

The wonderful world of Disney? Not anymore. Artist Darko Kreculj, a.k.a TestosteronMan, has turned those lovable Disney characters into something else entirely. Maybe something that you’d find roaming Times Square circa 1980. You can see more of his work at the link above. In the meantime, enjoy the nefarious world of Disney. (via Who Killed… Continue reading The Nefarious World Of Disney [Photos]