Sixteen Minutes of Superb Animation [Video]

If you’re one who the follows triumphs (and pratfalls) of digital animation, then you’d want to note this spectacular short film from Italy. It’s about a young Italian boy who lost and then later found his fisherman father. The King of the Island was made by Italian animation company artFive. They produce everything from computer… Continue reading Sixteen Minutes of Superb Animation [Video]

Zombie Head Popcorn Bucket [Photo]

When you’re going to watch the next zombie movie in a cineplex or at home, be sure to take these babies with you. Have it filled with freshly popped corn and watch the grisly effect for some added zombie fun. Thanks to the geniuses over New York based ad agency Young & Rubicam, we now… Continue reading Zombie Head Popcorn Bucket [Photo]

Calfskin Poster Commemorates Events In 2011 [Video]

Their motto for the project was fitting: “We get history under your skin.” A group of tattoo artists called the Chaos Crew wanted to promote their skills by creating a poster made of calfskin. They tattooed images of important events in 2011 and showed it online. We think they did a particularly swell job. –… Continue reading Calfskin Poster Commemorates Events In 2011 [Video]

Ghost In The Shell Motoko [Photo]

Who would have thought that a jumbled mess of cables on a Japanese girl could look so alluring? Deviantart user an09 just made cosplay a little more exciting with her series of anime-themed photographs of the Mamoru Oshii animated classic. Playing the cyborg Major Motoko Kusanagi, her photos are just as evocative as the celebrated… Continue reading Ghost In The Shell Motoko [Photo]

Fun With Pixelated Pokemon Tattoos [Photo]

Urban X-Change Ink (or more popularly known as UBX Ink) is renowned in the tattooing community for their amazing tattoos. Who would have thought you can have a perfect image of a pixelated Pokemon in Virginia Beach, VA? The proud tattoo artist is Aaron and his handiwork will soon be enjoyed throughout the Nets. –… Continue reading Fun With Pixelated Pokemon Tattoos [Photo]

Toon Roadkill [Photo]

Known cartoon personality was caught out of its element and was seen trying to cross the street. Tragedy struck as a tank appeared out of nowhere and squashed the shrill voiced bugger into a thick soupy mess. The toon immediately became roadkill as his yellow entrails pollocked all over the street. This grisly image is… Continue reading Toon Roadkill [Photo]