Two Brothers. One Fox. [Video]

Digitally animated shorts are becoming a breeding ground for new and established talents. This one might actually get some serious attention. Inspired by Chinese legend, two brothers hunt for an elusive fox. But this fox is anything but a wily animal from the woods. Directed by Thomas Bozovic, Alexandre Cazals, Julien Legay, and Chao Ma.… Continue reading Two Brothers. One Fox. [Video]

Total Recall Variant Movie Poster [Photo]

“Kuato Lives!” indeed! With the recent release of an updated Total Recall, one can’t help but wax romantic over Ah-nuld’s 1990 opus. Made by Tyler Stout and D & L Screenprinting, this poster variant is one striking memorial of how the earlier movie (arguably) in its time, kicked sci-fi ass. – Via Ffffound.

Shoes Made Of Human Skin [Photo]

You won’t believe the story behind these pair of shoes. Not just because it was made from the skin of a known felon, but the circumstances around its creation and the story that soon followed (yes, they were even worn by one unsuspecting guy for a party). This may well be one story for the… Continue reading Shoes Made Of Human Skin [Photo]

Moving Street Painting With ASCII [Video]

This is an entry for both the website and the video below. In a project where real life images are converted into text isn’t really new, but how about a project where one can see actual streets as a moving image but using ASCII. To view the website, you’ll need Chrome, Firefox 8+, or another… Continue reading Moving Street Painting With ASCII [Video]

A Curry Collection [Photo]

Entitled “A Cast of Currys”, this painting by Todd Spencer is his tribute to the superb movie characters portrayed by British actor Tim Curry. Spencer wanted to paint an image as if all the characters in his movie appeared in a group photo. This painting measures 15”x18”, acrylic on illustration board. – Via Culture Popped.

16 Bit Shaun Of The Dead Art [Photo]

The Gallery 1988 show on Thursday will showcase its annual Crazy 4 Cult show in New York. Here is a preview. One of the works featured is the 16-bit homage to the cult horror/comedy flick Shaun Of The Dead made by Aled Lewis via The Fox Is Black. If this is a game, we would… Continue reading 16 Bit Shaun Of The Dead Art [Photo]

Popeye Live Action Short [Video]

If you thought the Robert Altman helmed Robin Williams vehicle isn’t enough to give justice to the iconic spinach-chugging pipe-smoking muscle-bound seafarer, then consider yourself confused with this fan made film. With a huge departure from the source material, Popeye now looks like an underwear model who mumbles his lines like Sly Stallone (or Vin… Continue reading Popeye Live Action Short [Video]