Disney Princesses as Piles of Rocks Are Perfect

You’ve probably seen various artists do renderings of Disney Princesses as… [insert whatever]. There are tons of these and they get spread all around the Internet via stupid click bait sites — “You’ll Never Believe What These Disney Princesses Are Up To Now!” Won’t I? Oh my god, I just must find out! Stupid bullshit… Continue reading Disney Princesses as Piles of Rocks Are Perfect

Banksy Does Calvin and Hobbes

Street artist Banksy posted this to Twitter yesterday. Apparently, Calvin is now living the same dreary existence as the rest of us.

ISIS Bucket Challenge

We like Eliza Bender and she has some new work called the ISIS Bucket Challenge. Yes, it combines the Iraqi terrorist organization ISIS with that stupid Ice Bucket Challenge. Hey, why don’t you shove your Ice Bucket Challenge up your a**! Enough already! Oh, sorry. This is about art. Satirical art. (more)

2wenty’s Los Angeles Light Paintings

Street artist and photographer 2wenty has a new series of light paintings that were done in and around Los Angeles. And of course, they’re awesome. You’re probably wondering what a light paining is. Good question. 2wenty uses an LED light and shoots long exposure pictures on film, digital and Polaroid cameras. These images, which have a certain darkness… Continue reading 2wenty’s Los Angeles Light Paintings

Skating Deserted Los Angeles

Filmmaker Russell Houghten made this video called Urban Isolation. It features his friends skating the streets and freeways of a deserted Los Angeles. Is Los Angeles deserted? No it isn’t. It took me an hour to get from Hollywood to Van Nuys last night. Damn Hollywood Bowl traffic! There was actually traffic on the streets… Continue reading Skating Deserted Los Angeles