Cat born with three eyes and two faces

This is Lil’Bit. Lil’Bit had four eyes when he was born, but the two in the middle are converging into one giant cat’s eye.

However, he still has two distinct noses and mouths, resulting in double the whining when he’s hungry.

Scientists believe he has two brains because when one face sleeps the other can remain alert and awake. When he gets a cold, only one of his noses runs.

UPDATE: Mark Houldey from KNS News has kindly informed about:blank that “Cash4yourstory” own the image previously used in the post so i have changed it to the movie taken from the site intended for distribution. Many thanks to Mark Houldey from KNS News for letting us know.

UPDATE: Mark Houldey from KNS News has kindly informed about:blank(again) that “Cash4yourstory” also own the video even though the video is presented on the telegraph website and is intended to be distributed through sites such as this. Do any about:blank readers and fellow bloggers have any comments and advice on this matter? Many thanks to Mark Houldey from KNS News for letting us know.again.

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  1. The picture of Lil’Bit the cat is a copyrighted photograph owned by *****. Unless this picture is taken down or paid for immediately, legal action will follow.

    [email protected]

  2. Hold your horses there Mark. The image has been swapped with an altogether more interesting movie from

    Thank you so much for informing us on the ownership of the image.


  3. Hi Mark,

    Thank you so much for getting in touch.again. However the video above is not hosted with us. The code to embed video is supplied by the website for the direct intention for the video to be distributed viraly among sites. You will find it on Youtube, metafilter and hundreds of other sites.

    Nothing is actually hosted on this site. Video, Images, Music….nowt.

    If you would like to contact the telegraph and ask them to take down the video, the video will automatically stop working on this site and the hundreds of other sites that the video is currently running on via their site.

    If you do insist that what i am doing is wrong then let me know and will get further guidance on the copyright from the telegraph.

    Thanks again for bringing this to my attention!


  4. Thanks Mark,

    Then i believe your complaint is with the Telegraph. All they would need to do is to take the distribution permission off the video and it would cease to work on all websites that feed from it…such as this one.


  5. Mark,

    If i had ripped the video directly from your site, which i would never do by the way, i would take the video down in a heartbeat.. but the truth is, the video on the telegraph site is intended for distribution.

    If you click on the menu button on the video above you will be presented with options on how to distribute the video yourself.

    I would recommend you watermark your images and video before you provide them to the telegraph or state that it must not be provided to the public in a distributable format.

    Let me know how you get on. Its an interesting point that is becoming increasingly important to bloggers and to news agencies like yourself.


  6. Hold your horses there whoever you are. We also own copyright to the video so you’ll be hearing from Sue,Grabbit and Runn.

  7. Yes, what you are doing is wrong. The video is copyrighted and the Telegraph paid to use the video as has every other site we contacted about it.

    It is not intended to be viraly distributed since we gave no permission for it to be distributed other than to the people who paid to show it.

  8. I’ve seen this happen so many times, recently with a Distribution company going after a blogger for ‘hosting’ DVD rips from their skating DVD.

    Of course the rips weren’t hosted by the blogger, they were on YouTube. If you want to stop sites showing your videos then don’t allow them to be distributed virally. There’s no point chasing around after the drug users, stop the drug dealer at the source.

  9. Hi Jase,

    I’ve had a word with the Telegraph and they’ve agreed that they shouldn’t be virally or otherwise distributing this video as it was copyrighted to us when we sent it to them.

    They chose to remove our copyright mark on the video for their own purposes without reference to us. To be fair, they said this was a problem they had not encountered before but basically said we were in the right and agreed to prevent it being distributed any further.

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