Candy Crush Saga: The Honest Trailer

Candy Crush Saga

Yeah, I’ll admit it. I play the stupid, infuriating Candy Crush Saga. It’s something to do when I need some brief downtime.

However, I do not pay them money. If I can’t get past a level, well, I’ll just wait until I can. Screw you for trying to take my money with your pointless game. You ain’t getting it!

Anyway, here’s the honest trailer for Candy Crush Saga from Smosh Games. In it, they pretty much tear apart the game’s creator, King Games.

Rightfully so. They stole the idea for Candy Crush, got rich off it and then became a total bunch of assholes. Or maybe they were just assholes to begin with, but we didn’t notice because they weren’t getting rich off someone else’s idea.

At any rate, this is pretty accurate.

(These guys)