Canadian Bobsledder Heather Moyse Bathing in a Garbage Bin

Yeah, you read that right. Heather Moyse, who is competing in the bobsled for team Canada in Sochi, was bathing in a garbage bin yesterday.

There’s obviously a perfectly good explanation for this though, right? Well, I guess.

No bath tubs in the mountain village? Alright, this Olympics was clearly thrown together, so I guess that makes sense. I mean, there are tandem toilets for God’s sake.

But really? There’s not a hot tub or some sort of training room with a tub in it somewhere up there?

The thing that makes me shudder is that there may have actually been garbage in there at some point before she bathed in it.

Canadians are clearly concerned about this possibility too. The Toronto Sun is running a poll asking readers if they would bathe in a garbage bin. A lot of Canucks would, no questions asked — 36 percent of them, in fact. Twenty percent of them straight out said no and about 44 percent of people were actually sensible, saying it depends how clean the bin is.