C Jump – The Geekiest Boardgame in the World.

This $25 board game, called C-Jump will teach your kids how much fun it is to know the basics of C, C++ and Java! Its aimed at kids 11 years an up.

The child calculates number of steps in the move, including addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication of small numbers. The game helps to develop understanding of a complete computer program, formed by logical sequences of commands.

By moving around the board , entering loops, branching under conditional and switch statements, the players gain physical experience of a complete program. Understanding of the internal action of a computer is essential to understanding what software is. Static program causes dynamic process in the computer. By playing the game, players see this process as physical and spacial motion.

Damn that sounds complicated. “it’s fun and entertainment for the whole family” apparently…dig out the Kerplunk! via