Bushism-Saddamism Embroidery.

These pieces of unique embroidery art is by about:blank favourite Xiang Yang

This piece, titled “Bushism-Saddamism”, explores the relationship between our favorite comic book characters. Bush on one side of the room connected to Saddam on the other side.

And this one is particularly relevant for this evenings final of The Apprentice here in the UK.

Check out Xiang Yang’s website for more great pieces, including Remaining Things.via

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Author: Jase

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  1. Your kidding, right? Your going to tell me your not even aware of how you’re use of this word is wrong?

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  2. Why dont you go ahead and let me know what the correct use is?

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  3. Oh, and i think its “your use” not “you’re use”.

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  4. it’s look interesting, special, unusual.

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