1. haha – a neighboor? Neffew? Inlaw? First Time Offender? Or a relentless burglar who has seen the light? Or sooo smart (shit, they’ve seen me, just return and they won’t do anything)? Who will tell, but love the story! :))

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  3. If i was the home owner i would have said.. WTF? I wanded you to steel my shit so I could have the fun of tracking you down and sending you to hell.

  4. Look at the date on the piece of paper!

    doesn’t mean its a fake, probably just couldn’t find a blank page before that one. But it makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

  5. True story this happened here in NZ, we had a blog on one of our newspaper websites discussing should he be let of he gets caught or.. you do the crime, you do the time.

  6. Aw, his mommy probably found out that he stole that stuff and made him return it all. Seriously, it looks like a child wrote it.

  7. I heard a similar story once.

    A guy stole someone’s car from their drive then returned it, cleaned inside and out along with an apology and two tickets to the opera, the next day.

    The couple who owned the car went to the opera feeling very fortunate, only to find on their return that their house had been burgled and all their possessions gone.

    True story!

  8. Wow… strange no doubt, but I think it’s good. If only more criminals were this repentant afterward. If I were the person whose house was broken into, I’d be really divided about calling the cops on the guy… Hopefully he won’t do it again.

  9. I believe in redemption, I believe in mercy, I believe in putting right that which has been set wrong. Human beings make mistakes, sometimes they can be set right…….

  10. I once broke into a house and stole a dvd player. Broke back in the next day cause I forgot the remote control, haha

    All hail honest thieves!

  11. This guy must have broke into Jesus’ house, and when he found him, he wrote him that note.

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