Bryan Evans…World Mountain Biking Bog Snorkelling Champ.

Every year, the World Mountain Biking Bog Snorkelling Championship is held in Britains smallest town of Llanwrtyd Wells in Wales. (no idea how you say that).

The entrants power through a 125 foot long bog trench on a special bike that has its tyres filled with lead and water.
This year Bryan Evans won the coveted title and a  tankard for completing the stretch in 1m 1s.

He added: “It’s very murky and you can’t see much in the bog. It doesn’t taste too good either!

“The bog smells a bit as well so I probably won’t see my ’missus’ for the next few days. I don’t think anybody else will want to come near me for the next few days.”

Emma Wood was the fastest lady at a slow 4m 27s.

Sounds like a mans sport to me!
via icWales