Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are Pawn Brokers

Bryan Cranston as Buzz Jackson

Well, this is just stupendous. The Television Academy produced this spot for the 66th Emmy Awards, featuring Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul as Buzz and Randy Jackson, the owners of Barely Legal Pawn. 

It gets better.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus comes in to pawn an Emmy she won for Seinfeld because she needs money to buy an island. 

Of course, there’s plenty of corporate shilling involved — for Audi, because they’re sponsoring the Emmys — but you can easily ignore that. Cranston and Paul are awesome and the sketch totally makes fun of the idiotic reality shows it’s based on.

All three performers are nominated for Emmys. Cranston and Paul for Breaking Bad and Louis-Dreyfus for Veep.

The awards are on Monday.

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