You Broke My Scooter!

broken scooter

This video had the title of neighbors from hell. The winning couple here lives in Huntington Beach, CA and are known for yelling, arguing, assault and breaking things.

In this particular incident, the lovely lass wants to drive out of the alley. The shapely gentleman has his scooter parked behind her truck so she cannot.

Well, that was a mistake.

After some yelling and pounding on the back of the truck, this beauty pushes the handsome gentleman out of his scooter. Then she runs it over, which is when he cries, “You broke my scooter!”

It’s all very unfortunate. Because there’s nothing wrong with a grown-ass man who’s not handicapped riding around in a scooter. They have really improved over the years, check the best ones reviewed here. The speed, functionality and durability have all been perfected, for those who need them they really are life enhancers.