Bro Loses Control of Motorcycle, It Flies Into Pool


Douchebags. They’re all around us. Sometimes they’re easy to spot. Sometimes they’re not. This particular party has so much douchebag at it, someone should have done us all a public service and dropped a bomb on it.

So what happens at douchebag parties, you might be wondering. Well, things like this. A shirtless bro with a backwards hat (always a good sign of douchebaggery) brings out his super wicked awesome crotch rocket (another great sign of douchebaggery) and starts revving it up and burning some rubber outside of the pool.

Yeah! Awesome, bros!

Then he loses control of it and it goes flying into the pool.

This is all very funny.

What isn’t so funny is the douchebaggy reactions of the douchebags standing around at this party. Those are just annoying. Like seriously, how do these people not want to punch themselves in their own faces every time they look in the mirror?  I just imagine a huge poop emoji floating in the pool when I look at this photo. A big fat floating poop! Like those you can find on I can’t help but imagine fake poop floaties in the pool, then it makes sense, they are trolls. Now, they are just incompetent.

(these guys)