That’s Where All Those Big Bang Theory Fans Are…

most torrented tv shows

Here you can see the most torrented TV shows in each state over the past 40 days. It says something about our tastes as a nation and answers the question, who are all of these people watching The Big Bang Theory?

Well, they’re people in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Virginia. Oh, and Montana. In other words, people who are backwards.

I literally know not one person who’s ever watched The Big Bang Theory. I’m told it’s popular, but with who? On the rare instance when I have walked into a room and this show has been on the television for one reason or another, I have not once laughed, chuckled or chortled. Yet, it’s supposed to be a comedy.

I actually have thoughts of stabbing myself in the face repeatedly when forced to endure The Big Bang Theory. It’s as if my intelligence is slowly being sucked out of my body one shitty joke at a time.

And to the question, who is this show popular with?… Obviously, idiots.

Not only are these people enjoying a dull, witless show, they’re pirating it despite the fact that it’s readily available in syndication on basic cable. There has to be at least three airings every weekday.

If you look at the other shows most torrented, the majority are on pay channels — HBO’s Game of Thrones or Showtime’s Californication, for example.

Like hey, I don’t want to pay the extra dough for those movies channels. We get that.

There are also a number of shows currently running, like FX’s Fargo, for example. Okay, so you missed the first season and someone told you it was good. You want to watch it on your computer and not have to buy the DVDs.

These things make sense.

Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Virginia, Montana and The Big Bang Theory. Those things make none.

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