You Better Stand at the Kanye West Show or Else…

Kanye West: dick

Kanye West is talented. I’ll give him that. He’s also a dick and his stage show sucks. I know. I tried to watch part of it one year at Coachella. It took me all of one song to decide that, hey, this sucks. Let’s get on to another stage.

That doesn’t stop people from going to Kanye’s shows though. It doesn’t stop Kanye from being a dick either.

Here he’s doing a show in Australia and he just NEEDS EVERYONE to stand up before he can crappily perform one of his songs. Even the people who can’t stand up.

Seriously, this tool won’t start singing, or whatever it is that he does, until he can see everyone in the place standing up. Of course, two people in the venue can’t stand up. They’re handicapped. One of them is in a wheelchair.

That doesn’t matter to Kanye, though!

He ain’t doing this shitty song until everyone stands up!