Best Of Kanye’d By The Bell [Photos]

In general, we think Kanye West is pretty much a douchebag. Sure, he’s a decent producer, but his lyrics are stupid and he’s terrible live. Oh, and then there’s his gigantic ego.

All of this makes him fun to laugh it, which is just what the Tumblr blog Kanye’d By The Bell makes us do. The site combines Kanye West lyrics with Saved By The Bell scenes.

If you don’t remember Saved By The Bell, it was a sitcom centered around several students at Bayside High School that aired in the early 90s. It was essentially a more wholesome, dumber version of Beverly Hills 90210, but launched the careers of Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, Elizabeth Berkley, and Mario Lopez.

The great thing about Kanye’d By The Bell is you’d never expect Kayne’s lyrics to match up with scenes from this show. Yet, they’re just that stupid.

Here are our favorites. There are plenty more at Kanye’d By The Bell.

(Via DoobyBrain)