Batman Fights Wolverine [Video]

It’s probably one of fandom’s ultimate wet dream. Though we bet the fight wouldn’t be something like this. If Bats was to fight Wolvie, he would have done more tactically and planned more for every eventuality. The real Batman wouldn’t turn his back on the Canuck. Thank you to the people behind The Superhero Beat Down.

– Via Comic Book Movie.

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  1. In my opinion, you have two polar opposites here. On one hand you have Batman, the Detective, the Dark Knight, very smart very controlled. On the other you have Logan, The Wolverine or Weapon X, with animal like instincts and wrath. Ok, in a one on one encounter Wolverine with his healing factor has the advantage. Yet Batman does not throw himself into a blind fight, he would observe and learn his foes weakness. Therefore I would most see the fight engaged out in the open (not in a confined tunnel) where I suspect Batman would lure Wolverine toward a magnetic source where he could then secure Wolverine and use his metal adamantium skeleton against him.

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