Bad Boys 3 is Happening

Martin Lawrence: Bad Boys 3

Martin Lawrence was on Conan on Wednesday and he sort of announced that Bad Boys 3 is going to happen. Although there’s no script, Lawrence said producer Jerry Bruckheimer assured him it’s being worked on.

The first two movies starred Lawrence and Will Smith as a couple of Miami narco cops. The second movie wasn’t as good as the first, but I’d still get in line for a third one.

Michael Bay directed both of the Bad Boys movies and somehow they were watchable, despite his being a no-talent hack. It’s not clear if Bay is attached to the third one, but let’s assume he is. He wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to pointlessly blow shit up.

In addition to Bay, Bad Boys is also a highlight for Smith. Sure, he’s been in plenty of huge box office films, but how many of those are actually memorable? Or you would actually want to watch more than once? I would go with two. Bad Boys and maybe I Am Legend.

Undoubtedly, Bad Boys is a career highlight for Lawrence. I mean, no offense to Big Momma’s House.

So everybody wins here.