Bacteria culture Jello desserts!

With a background knowledge of Microbiology and a few left over Petri dishes, Mark Rohorst added a bit of spice to a recent fundraiser by creating these desserts that look like bacterial cultures served in Petri dishes.

I’ve had a few microbiology classes and cultured many different types of bacteria on different media, and I happened to have a case of pyrex Petri dishes from an old surplus buy (relax, they were unused) so I thought it would be fun to make dessert that looked like bacterial cultures served in Petri dishes! I prepared the media (jello, tapioca pudding, and lemon pie filling) and Alex did most of the decorating. This should be good for a Halloween party or a creepy movie night with friends. They might go well with bowls of gummy worms served on ground-up Oreo cookie dirt.

via MAKE