Baby born without mouth in Ukraine

A girl born without a mouth has become a patient at a local hospital in the town of Korosten, Ukraine. The baby with severe congenital abnormality was found on the doorstep of the hospital.

Doctors diagnosed the little girl with congenital defects in the development of the facial skull, hypoplasia of lower and upper jaws. In other words, the baby’s jaws grew together because of their underdevelopment.

Surgeons are planning a number of plastic operations, which promise to be extremely complicated and expensive because they are going to be performed on a child.

Such incidents occur extremely rare in medical practice, although it is not the first time when medics encounter such bizarre pathologies. The most difficult one of them took place in 2002 in England when a woman gave birth to a girl without a face. The girl named as Juliana lacked over 40 percent of facial bones. She had no upper jaw, no cheek-bones and no eye-sockets.

via Pravda.Ru