Awesome Ozum

Well, i know its been a while since my post promising to get this blog back up and running. It never happened. After the dissapointment of not being able to locate my backup of all my previous posts, the prospect of starting again was too much to bear.

But…. a chance meeting yesterday may of changed things.

Out of the blue, i was pulled into a meeting at the agency I work at to discuss the possibility of working with a local web applications company. None other than Rob Gale of A Welsh View fame and Mike Bennett from Ozum.

Anyone who ever read my blog back in the winter (when it actually had an audience) will know that A Welsh View is one of my favourite sites. Both Rob and Anita from Say No To Crack were the reason why i started my own blog.

Its a sign…i must get back on the blogging highway.

Consider this yet another fresh start!