West Hollywood Getting an Automated Parking Garage

automated parking garage

Cars are getting to the point where they just do things for you. Now they’re going to park themselves. Or, more accurately, the parking garage is going to park them. The city of West Hollywood confirmed on Tuesday that they’re opening an automated parking garage.

The garage is scheduled to open in August of 2015. It will be three stories and hold 200 cars.

This video demonstrates how the automated parking garage works. It also contains some really annoying music. So don’t say you weren’t warned.

If you can’t sit through the entire thing, let me summarize. You pull your car into a garage door and get out. An inside door opens and a platform comes out and slides under the car and picks it up. Then it takes the car to wherever there’s an open space and slides it in there.

Pretty simple. Surprised these aren’t all over Los Angeles.