Banksy Does Calvin and Hobbes

Street artist Banksy posted this to Twitter yesterday. Apparently, Calvin is now living the same dreary existence as the rest of us.

Panda Does Not Give a F*ck

Oh, you think you’re going to put me in this cage, eh? We’ll see about that! Have a great weekend! (here)

This Tool…

Everyone loves to dunk a basketball, but some of us just aren’t tall and/or athletic enough. But thank god they made adjustable hoops so we can lower the rim down and know what it feels like to throw down a thunderous tomahawk dunk. Like this tool… Throws down a monster on an 8-foot rim complete… Continue reading This Tool…

This is the Worst Chest Bump Execution Ever

Coaches should be stoic figures for this very reason right here. When they get all rah-rah and start acting like the people they’re coaching, who are usually much younger than they are, they usually end up looking like fools. So here’s a high school football coach who’s pretty stoked about his team pulling out their first… Continue reading This is the Worst Chest Bump Execution Ever

Burger King has a Black Burger

Check out this disgusting looking thing. It’s Burger King’s new black burger, which is going to be available for a limited time in Burger Kings in Japan later this month. It’s called the Kuro Burger, which literally means black burger. The buns are made from bamboo charcoal and the garlic sauce, which looks extra disgusting,… Continue reading Burger King has a Black Burger

Here’s the New Batmobile

Someone has spotted the new Batmobile from Zach Snyder’s Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. And they were swell enough to take some photos of it and post them online. Apparently, it closely resembles the Batmobile from Arkham Knight. (these guys)

Bro Smashes Head on Pavement, Loves Helmets

Helmets are good. They allow really bad skateboarders to continue to be really bad skateboarders. Also good for people who don’t know how to ride snowboards and motorcycles. I mean, why would we want to let natural selection take over and thin the herd? Anyway, this guy loves helmets. Or so he says after taking… Continue reading Bro Smashes Head on Pavement, Loves Helmets