Fonejacker Fun with Mr Daz

Mr Daz continues his fight for consumer rights with a great McCartney/Mills fonejacker style call to the UK Child Support Agency. To follow the worlds unraveling plot to make Mr Daz’s life hell, visit

Eye Popping Fun!

For more, check out eyelickers Youtube homepage…theres 5 eyepopping videos to enjoy. These are my eyeball videos. I seem to have an eyeball fetish, although I can’t really explain why… So, don’t blame on me. This is my talent. via

A slice of R2D2 Cake at the ultimate Star Wars wedding.

A full nine layer sponge rendition of our android favorite! Thats one hell of a geeky wedding! The wedding belonged to 2 members of a Star Wars fan club in Alabama. Not only did they have this amazing cake but all the guests were invited to dress up as Star Wars characters, including the priest/minister.… Continue reading A slice of R2D2 Cake at the ultimate Star Wars wedding.

The 1 Million Word Billboard Ad.

Sanyo worked with Saatchi & Saatchi on this world reacord breaking advert for their Xacti CA65 Underwater Camera. To show that there is more to capture underwater than above, Saatchi created this 63 meter long advert containing one million words… The ad contains the world’s most comprehensive marine species list, histories of major tsunami and… Continue reading The 1 Million Word Billboard Ad.

Suicide Bomber Tattoo.

Just dont go topless in public or risk getting shot several times by armed gunmen. Although Darwin may have a say in that. Its probably not a good idea to go topless anyway especially with that odd rash and infestation that seems to be growing underneath his bellybutton! Eeek! via