Wash your hands first please!

If we aren’t supposed to look at them, why do some girls insist on attracting our attention to them! “Look, my hands are the same size…see!” SLAP! Available from Urban Outfitters for $24 dirty cash.

The Filipino MILFs

Watchout, there are a gang of 100 MILFs hiding in the jungle in the southern Philippines. I know, its all very serious and i shouldn’t really be satirizing it…but haven’t these guys seen American Pie? 😉

A game of pong at lunch if you please.

How cool would it be to have one of these in your front room. Forget Microsoft Surface and all its multi touch fandagery…pong is all you need! It was deisgned by a guy named Moritz Waldermeyer as part of the MoMA Design & Elastic Mind Exhibit. The tabletop has 2,400 LED’s and 2 track pads… Continue reading A game of pong at lunch if you please.