“Soccer is a game of 2 ‘arfs guv”

“a soccer pitch marks a site held in common, but one divided into two halves by a middle line.”Theoretically, a goal could be scored from one shore to the other, but who could run such a brilliantly-played through pass? This is the work of German public art space group inges idee. Its called Undeveloped Playground… Continue reading “Soccer is a game of 2 ‘arfs guv”

Human Ford Car.

Some exceptional dancers and contortionists feature in the latest advert for Ford Canada as they bend and stretch to recreate the shape of their car…very clever! I feel sorry for the guy inside who has the responsibility of recreating the gear stick. via

Introducing Comedybox

Ive just added an exciting new feature to the site in the form of a comedy tv player provided in conjunction with Comedybox. It shows a regularly updated mix of comedy sketches, standup routines and animated comedy series. Its currently showing Eddie Izzard and Jimmy Carr to name but a few. Take a look guys… Continue reading Introducing Comedybox

Spherical QTVR Video in motion.

Take a trip over Melbourne, Australia on the underside of a helicopter in full motion 360 degree gorgeousness. Its basically a moving QTVR panorama but the result is like nothing ive seen before. The human POV shots are a little odd. I love the one that from the POV off the top of the guys… Continue reading Spherical QTVR Video in motion.

The Classic Atari Cake

We’re a big fan of geek cakes here at About:Blank and can never resist featuring the next in line… This cake is created in the style of the classic 2600 Atari games console. Everything you can see in the picture is edible (except the board its on). The detail is amazing; the woodgrain panelling, the… Continue reading The Classic Atari Cake